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*** OFFER PACK! Includes 1 kg in 4 different colors-


This is a 100% Wool Combed Cording Yarn, a premium product made in the south of Chile.


It is very soft and firm yarn, with an amazing smell of sheep.


Works for many different crafting projects such as weaving, knitting, crocheting, etc.

It is the ideal yarn for the Yoli Rest and Yoli Lap items that you can find in my shop:

2 Kg OFFER PACK / Jumbo 100% Wool

  • - Color: Choose between 4 different colors: IVORY, PEARL, TOBACCO and VARIEGATED grey.

    - Weight: Jumbo (N°7)

    - Composition: 100% Natural Wool (no dyes)

    - Quantity: 2 kg (4 skeins)

    - Techniques: Weaving, Loom Knitting, Knitting, Crocheting, arts &crafts.

    - Crochet Hook: 7-10 mm

    - Knitting Needles: 14-16 mm

    - Origin: Chile, Southamerica

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