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This is an adjustable large weaving loom to set and weave square and rectangle pin looms up to 60x60 cm (24x24" aprox) with a distance of 7 mm between pins, which means you can use thin yarns N°4 to weave on it and achieve thin delicate fabrics.


Weave on the bias or continuous strand weaving (diagonal), but also weave weft and warp as regular weaving, for wall art, tapestry weaving, etc.


Portable size, light, easy to use, take and store, highly enjoyable.


Try different sizes of squares and rectangles, use thick yarn or just double/triple them to achieve the desired result you want.


Design and make quick and easy your own sweaters and coats, including plus sizes.

NOTICE: The regular distance between rivets is 7 mm. Even though you can always try your own techniques, consider that it doesn`t work as the Loomette or Zoom Loom, this is a pin loom commonly used for continuous strand weaving or weaving on the bias.

ADJUSTABLE LIGHT weaving loom size 24x24"

  • 1. Choose square or rectangle.

    2. Choose a size from 1 to 60 cm (24"). Consider that choosing a rectangle means lenght has to be a multiple of the width.

    3. Start weaving!

    4. When the woven piece is finished, simply remove it gently.

    *** FREE download the step-by-step here.

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