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KAYU HAPPINESS OFFER PACK <Includes Kayu weaving kit + 4 downloadable project patterns>


Kayu ("six" in mapuche language) is one single wooden surface that includes 13 pin weaving looms:

- 7 sizes of square
- 6 sizes of triangle
- 1 size of rectangle

Weave on the bias, warp and weft at the same time (also called continuous strand weaving, diagonal weaving or rapid weaving). You can try different gauges and types of fibers, from natural to acrylic. There are endless possibilities!


You can also weave the same patterns of the Zoom Loom and do tapestry weaving.

Versatile, handy, portable size, easy to use, take and store, highly enjoyable.

If you like trying your own patterns and stitches in different sizes of weaving loom, this is a great tool for you!

NOTICE: Kayu is a pin weaving loom with a regular distance between pins of 1 cm.

KAYU Happiness Offer Pack SAVE USD 11

  • 1. Choose square, triangle or rectangle.
    2. Choose a size between the options for each shape.
    3. Arrange the pins.
    4. Start weaving!
    5. When the woven piece is finished, gently remove it and so the pins to store it safely.

    *** FREE download the step-by-step instructions here.

    As easy as that! Avoid the regular nail looms that damage your cloth and are difficult to store! Save space at home by having 13 weaving looms in one!

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