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*** Printed on demand in the US, sent worldwide.

Oversize Projects on a loom, is my third self published book!

It is an incredible source of projects and patterns to make on 4x4" pin looms, such as the Zoom Loom, Weave-It, etc.

Oversize Project on a Pin Loom Book (4x4" pin loom weaving)

PrecioDesde $39,99
  • The book includes:

    - 10 Oversize step by step projects to try, such as ponchos, shawls and oversize sweaters. All fully illustrated and written.
    - 20 Stitch patterns to try.
    - Instruction on how to weave on a 4x4" pin loom.
    - Tips and guide to design your own garments, combine colors and try different types of fibers.
    - Instructions on how to make your own 4x4" pin loom at home.

    This book is sponsored by Malabrigo yarn. However, you can use your own fibers following gauge specifications included on the book.

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