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*** This pattern subscription is now closed to new subscribers right now, all patterns are offered separately at $12.99 each.

*** It will reopen in June 2024 for new subscribers.

Pin Loom Woven TOPS means one new pattern in your mailbox every month.


All the patterns are made in different bias pin looms such as squares, rectangles and triangles, therefore the ideal Pin Loom required is the Kayu or any adjustable weaving loom from my shop.


As the name says, all the patterns included in this subscription are woven tops, like sweaters, ponchos, cardigans, vests, etc.


The first 16 patterns (first 16 months) you will receive are in the pictures. Then new patterns will be developed.


You require basic knowledge of bias weaving to follow these patterns. Find all basic PDF tutorials in this link. In any case, you will receive them all when you purchase this subscription.


Find all details of this subscription in this link.



- Product type: Step-by-step project pattern

- Skill level: Intermediate
- Duration: 1 pattern each month

- Format: PDF

- Pin Loom required: Kayu or Adjustable weaving loom (from 20")




Choose the best subscription option for you. Purchase month by month or plans of 6, 12 and 18 months:


- PAY 1 month (1 pattern) $12.99 per month

- PAY 6 month (6 patterns) $9.99 per month Save $18

- PAY 12 month (12 patterns) $7.99 per month Save $60

- PAY 18 month (18 patterns) $5.99 per month Save $126


Pin Loom Woven TOPS / 1 Pattern in your Mailbox each Month

  • The pattern you will receive each month will be sorted randomly from the pictures detailed in this listing.

    Start this subscription whenever you want! If you miss any past pattern, you can purchase them as single patterns from my shop.

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