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*** This is a Video Course, NOT a PDF pattern and NOT a finished item. ***

Weaving on the Bias Online Course is a video tutorial class that will teach you from scratch how to weave on the bias (also called diagonal weaving, continuous strand weaving, rapid weaving, etc.)

*Skill level: Beginner
*Duration: 60 min (approx) 5 videos


Square loom 12" (30x30cm) is recommended, however you can use other square looms, the only requirement is that the distance between pins/nails is equal, 1 cm or 1/4" is recommended.

You can buy the KAYU, TREMEN or ADJUSTABLE WEAVING LOOM from my shop to use this pattern set, find both here: weaving kits

Weaving on the Bias / Online Class (forever access)

  • The course will guide you step by step to learn the basics of Weaving on the Bias technique, also the following contents:

    - 4 main stitches: Basic (Simple), Double, 3x1 and Herringbone.
    - How to change color
    - Yarn recommended
    - How to combine colors
    - Tips & Tricks

    It also includes downloadable pdf files such as a coloring template so you can try your own color combinations.

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