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*** Made in Chile, FREE SHIPPING US through DHL (arrives in 3 days).

*** This is a Pre Order 15% OFF (until release date).

*** Release date December 31th 2022.


This premium foot rest wooden stool is an elegant and thoroughly designed piece of flat pack furniture.


It has been made using only natural materials, such as lenga wood and 100% natural certificated wool, both from the South of Chile.


This product has been designed to be woven (loom knitting technique) and then assembled using only a rubber hammer. No nails or extra tools are required. It is super easy to assemble.


It is a stable and firm stool , designed to last.


Once finished the woven piece, you can place for legs over or inside the woven "coccon" to have some rest, watch tv or drink a nice coffee.


You can remove the woven piece and make a new one as many times as you want. You can try out your own yarns to make, use, remove and reuse the same "coccon" over and over again.

YOLI Rest / Assembly & Weave Stool

  • Printed detailed instructions are included with this product.

    1. Take the yarn and weave a large  piece on the round using the circular wooden piece (loom knitting technique).

    2. Once finished, assemble the base of the stool to the woven circle.

    3. The stool is now ready to rest your legs over it! Stretch it and put your legs inside or as you feel more comfortable.

    4. Weave a new piece as many times as you wish by simply removing the other woven piece.

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